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    TININDN Guest

    Default Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all
    our POCI Members and their families!

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    Oct 2008
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    That goes for us also have a Merry Christmas and a Profitable 2010.

    Mike, Jen, Tray Adam And Sydney,

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    Merry Christmas to all our friends in the POCI family from the POCI Club Office and the Bergstrom family.

    Paul, Ramona and Ian
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  4. Default Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all and hopefully a Happy New Year for everyone.
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    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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    I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.


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    Default Looking to 2010

    ... dont the years just go too fast .. bit like the GTO..
    .. looking back.. not great for many.. looking forward.. looks a lot better .. for many more..and we hope brick by brick.. its going to continue..
    Good luck and good health.. more importantly.. to all.

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    Smile Happy Holidays..........

    Happy Holidays to all of our POCI friends .

    Les & Sharren Iden
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    1966 GTO Sport Coupe
    1968 Grand Prix
    1972 Trans Am clone

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    merry xmas and happy holidays to all fellow POCI members and their families, from Mike in the Pacific Northwest. Last year at this time we had over a foot of snow on the ground, today I was able to pull the car out and try out my xmas presents (wash mit & california drying blade & waterproof digital camera) yes, that's frost on the roofs and lawn in the background, it's below freezing in the shade, but it's shorts & tshirt weather as long as you stay in the sun

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    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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