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    Thanks for the tip. I'll have to keep an eye on that. The 9C1 probably has different suspension geometry than yours so the stress could be worse or better -- hard to tell.

    I would guess if a link is broken, you can feel and hear it.


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    Since you've brought up other makes of Police Interceptors. I used to buy retired P/I's and use them for drivers. I've still got a couple of the 88-91 Chevies sitting here as rollers that I'm going to rob chassis parts off of and then part.

    The one I miss the most and Rick's heard me mention over the yrs is a 1973 Cutlass ordered new as a Cruiser for a local Dept that lost it's funding before they took delivery. It was sold to an older gentleman who used it to pull a boat / camper, then traded at t he dealer I worked at, sold to a pair of sisters who drove it a yr and traded it back in. I bought it off the lot for a deal and cleaned it up as a driver, eventually went thru the engine and trans. It died in an accident that bent the frame. It was the last of the true W-30 cars with a TH400 and a low 3 series gear. HD chassis and cooling,reclining bucket seats,cloth interior, console, full instrumentation, AM/FM 8 track stereo, tilt, cruise, A/C. This car ran extremely well, handled like it was on rails, and was pretty economical when you kept your foot out of it. I'll have to see if I have any pics of it. From what I understand it was a pretty rare peice.


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    Ken, the link dosen't break, it's the pad welded into the hump of the body where it goes over the axel that attaches to the link. After I welded in the brace all was fine until one day I twisted off the 7/8" sway bar. Originally it all started when going around a corner at low speed and I would get a snapping popping sound. I had my wife drive me around while I was in the trunk to find it (she's a bit of a prankster and she had a blast throwing me around in there and all the while I could hear her up front laughing) anyroad the crack in the floor 7", was flexing about 1/8" going around a corner at average speed.
    Just a FIY, A friend of mine bought about 500 of those 9C1 Novas off L.A. County and used them for various projects. I just wish I had some of the parts now.


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    My Police car is a '94 Caprice 9C1 with the late model reverse cooled LT-1. I think the body and suspension is quite different.

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    Ken, yes it is different, Mine is a X body, but shares front sub-frame and rear axel set up with camero-firebird (F body) and most parts with 76-79 cadillac seville-thats where I got the rear disc brakes.


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