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    Also since Tigercars is from Alabama, here's an excerpt from the Al state webpage re vehicle registration.

    Vehicle Registration FAQ's

    Is emissions testing a prerequisite to registration?

    No. Alabama law does not provide for emissions testing of motor vehicles.

    Link to the site if you care to read it or yourself.

    He'd have been fine, at this point, with a conversion from the V-6 to a traditional Pontiac engine. Converters would have been a wise move in the exhaust as would've an EGR intake manifold for no more performance loss than there is as compared to an earlier unit.


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    Right on Mike. One of the advantages to living in a poor state is no vechile inspections of any type. The only time I have to deal with the DMV is when I buy a car and have to get a tag or title it. Pior to 1974 the only thing I need is a bill of sale and decide if I want Vintage tag, $10, good for parades or car shows only or a if you drive it daily a regular tag that you have to pay to renew every year.
    If it's newer than 1975 you have to have a title. Nobody puts the actual sales price of the vichicle to avoid the sales tax. I've gotten a 1966 Porche 911 for $100 and the car in my avartar was purchased this year for $5 K.
    We have the lowest taxes in the US down here but we also get the least from the state government. Also our politicians here must be dumber than most because half of them are in jail.

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    Nice ride, Teej. Brings back fond thoughts of my first car, purchased in 1963 for $1000, when I was 17 (everybody's doing the math). It was a '58 Bonneville convertible, turquoise & white w/a white top, more chrome than you can imagine. Had a Tri-Power 370, automatic, leather bench seats. Drove it for 31/2 years until it was totalled when a woman in a Corvair rear-ended it & bent the frame. Incredibly, the Corvair suffered relativdely minor damage, and was drivable after the crash. I''ve missed that car ever since, but it left me with a life-long love of the marque, which is currently satisfied by a '65 Catalina 2+2 with Tri-Power and a 4-speed. Anyway, I wish you many years of happy miles in your'58, and thanks for stirring my memories.

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