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    Dec 2009
    Cocoa Beach, FL

    Default Intro.. Me and my '58

    I've been a member of POCI for a number of years now, but never got around to the forum here. I do frequent some of the other Pontiac sites but have noticed they tend toward the new cars. You know, the 60's and 70's....

    I've been part of the crowd for a while, driving my '67 Tempest wagon daily for about 5 years now, but in the back of my mind I've always wanted something a little older. Recently I found exactly what I was looking for and picked her up. She's a 1958 Pontiac Chieftain Safari, .
    370, manual 3 spd, 9 pass wagon

    As I've said on some other sites, she needs some work, but she's solid and I should have her on the road soon. She'll probably never see a full frame off restoration, but I plan on putting lots of miles on her.

    As for me, I'm an Electrical Engineer working in Central FL with a great wife of 7 years and three small kids that I'm convinced do everything they can to keep me out of the garage. I usually have to sneak in at night, but that's OK. I know it won't be long and I'll be missing these days.

    Anyway, I just wanted to put up a brief HI before I posted elsewhere.

    I'll be looking for some '58 parts and I've got some '57 parts I may be looking to trade/sell and it looks like I may need to unload the '67 wagon to make room too. But, i'll get around to that stuff later.


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    Oct 2009
    Blackstock Ont. Canada


    Thad, nice ride, looks like a "solid" car & won't take too long to get it road ready!!! Glad your going to put some miles on it, that's what it's all about, drive it & enjoy it, Pete
    Pete Barber 64 2+2 Htp. Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been "TURNED OFF"

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    TININDN Guest



    Welcome aboard!!!!!!!

    Love those '58's - love wagons - what a combo - and a stick!

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    022561 Guest


    Thad, welcome to the site, great looking car with lots of potential. I guess your car would be near the rare catagory because only 6,943 were produced with standard trans for Chieftains, Star Chiefs, and wagons. Production was way down for 1958 as only 217,303 made it out the door. I don't have a breakdown of how many wagons with standard trans. Is your car a six or nine passenger? Any road, welcome and please contribute to this site.


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    Oct 2008
    Portland In


    Teej, Welcome to the site.

    You know I like that one!

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    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking '58 there.

    I can relate to all that you said. I have been playing around with cars for sometime and enjoy muscle cars, but I have recently also longed for something older and like you I decided on a '50's Pontiac in good shape. I have a '51 and I love the idea of driving old technology.

    I too have 3 kids, they are a bit older, but they still manage to keep me out of the garage as much as possible-- along with my job and lots of other things.

    My dad was a Pontiac, Buick Olds guy for most of his life and now that he has passed, I seem drawn to the cars he loved. His most beloved car was a shiny new Berkshire Green '50 Pontiac 4 door that my mom bought for him as a wedding present, this was stolen about a year later. His heart was forever broken, but he replaced it with a '51 2 door. In 1959, he traded up to a white over black '59 Catalina V8 and turned the '51 over to Mom to shuttle us kids around and pick him up at the airport.

    We kept that '51 until 1964 and I still remember the look, feel and the smell of that car more than just about any of my parents cars.

    My '51 4 door is a tribute to both of my dad's early Pontiacs. It looks like his beloved '50, but it is a '51 like the one I grew up with. What draws you to Pontiacs?

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    Gotta love the drivers. Neat part of automobile and American family history right there. Welcome! Hope to see that car in Charleston.
    2004 GTO TR m6 2004 SAP,D-1SC Procharger,4.0 pulley,Siemens 60# injectors,Walbro 340,KB BAP,160 T-stat,oil breather,06 tails,Ruff 278's, 245/40/18-275/35/18,TB bypass,Kooks longtubes(cated),Loudmouth 2,DIY catchcan,Autolite 5144s,06 brake upgrade.Comp cam 224/228,581/588,112+4 lsa. Patriot gold dual springs, seats,locks,and retainers.TrickFlow push rods.243 Z06 heads.GMM Ripshift, Optima Red, Axxis pads.Ported TB,Monster stage 3 clutch,EPP tune.608/569 L8R MAN
    2004-2006 GTO and G8 Tech Advisor

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    KKlein Guest

    Default Great C ar!!

    Welcome Teej,

    It's great to see you and your car on here. I love the mid to late Fifties Pontiacs. Bob and I have a 55 Chieftain and even though our kids are now raising their own kids it's still hard to find the time to work on it. Pontiacs were made to be driven and I always like to hear that they will be.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope to see a picture of your 67 wagon next, reminds me of years ago when we had a 67 tempest that we took the motor out and put in a 389... but that's another story.

    I hope to see you, your car and your family in Charleston!


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    That is a nice car! Is that a California plate?

  10. Default 58's Rule

    Welcome Thad
    glad to see another 58 joining our ranks. Great looking car. I'd be curious to what 58 parts you need. Got some laying around.
    I've seen three 58 wagons around Tulsa over the years. Come very close to owning one. Hope to see your wagon in Charleston in 2010.
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    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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