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Thread: The 389?

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    Ken, you have to understand Jeff here, it seems to me like he likes to spend alot of time in the stratosphere ( sorry Jeff, the turnpike ) so he would be using the 2.56 for most of the time. I know the feeling when from a rolling start(30mph) against someone with equal power and a say he's got 3.90's. I just like the look when their all wound out at about 105 and I reach for third and steadily pull up to 140. But Jeff, you should have a granny gear for some of these 1/16 to 1/8 mile blast. You've got the perfect car for this because of your rear wheel overhang. Now go out there and blast someone!


    FYI guys the 62 pontiac rear end standard ratios on automatic cars were; Catalina 2.69 Grand Prix 3.23 Star Chief & Bonneville 3.08
    Stick shift cars were all 3.23 except Grand Prix and @ 3.42


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff K View Post
    Like Don said I'd like to keep the 2.56s.. They are a lot of fun on the open road and I've gotten use to the good gas mileage...

    When figuring ratios and rpms how do you factor in torque converter multiplication?
    I never had to, the hydros fluid coupling doesn't have a stater that multiplies torque...

    If you don't have a lock-up converter, I would estimate an auto will be 50 - 100 RPM's above a manual with the same final drive ratio -

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