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Thread: Local car shows

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    Les, well you might be right on that. I guess I'm used to the Olds Club having the Pacific Southwest Zone here at Morro Bay every year. In 2011 The Northern Ca chapter is hosting the nationals in Reno Nevada. Truth is I hate to travel where it's going to be hot (central valley) and Bass Lake is always hot in summer. You know when your a surfer and hang at the beach all the time you get used to the cool breeze all the time. Anyroad that is why I didn't go to Bass Lake. As far as POCI goes I still think you guys should take pictures of your events, it would add interest. It's a funny thing about the temperature with me. I went to the 2005 or 2006 (can't remember when So. Cal. hosted the Nationals) and lasted about 2 1/2 hours before going home-just too hot for me. WHY when california has the most beautiful coast would you put on a event in Ontario? Some people come from the middle of the country just to see the ocean!! I did have the LeMans in the Nationals in the very early 90's at South Coast Plaza and that was a great show and they even had a beach BBQ.
    So is SCGG just idling?? and what about that note that Dave wrote on the site about something coming. I talk to Hinrich every so often and he is slowly putting the GTO back on the road. Hiner's interest have really changed though and now that he's flying that plane he built and I can see why. I love his quote " why drive when I can fly at 200mph and get 20mpg", he does have a point!
    Anyroad just two rooms to finish on the remodel and back to putting the 62 Catalina together.


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    Talking Finish the remodeling......

    Everyone likes the beach, but no one wants to pay the cost to be there. As for Ontario, show me a facility on the Central Coast that is large enuf for a 300 car show, has rooms for near $100, will furnish the parking lot @ low/no cost, and we will gladly produce a national convention there. Provided of course, that the Pontiac enthusiasts in SoCal and the Bay area will drive the 250 miles to the show . As for the heat, I thought I saw a v-belt on the a/c in your Le Mans . I am glad that you have found a local free two hour cruise that satisfies your car hobby needs, but I need a larger fix for my habit .

    SCGG is doing fine: around 50 paid members, 20 @ a meeting, and the same 10 as in the SCCPOCI that do most of the work. I usually see Heinrich once a year @ Wanger's annual holiday party, which is coming up.

    FYI, all Pontiac events are photographed and the pics are published in the local chapter newsletters, Smokes, HPP, Pontiac Enthusiasts, Hemmings, and some mainstream magazines. I don't think that lack of publicity in our little niche of the hobby is keeping folks from finding us, if they really want to join in .

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    Les, I just looked on the link here in smokes for sccpoci and the last event with pictures was May 2007. As far as heat goes, I drove to Ontario in my air conditioned truck. It's outside walking around the cars that made me go home. BTY The Hyatt at south coast plaza was not at the beach, just close enough to get a westerly breeze from the ocean that makes all the difference. As far as a suitable site up here I will talk to some car people I know in nearby Paso. Before Paso gave West Coast Customs the shove, their show had 500 Plus cars for the three day event.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff K View Post
    Ya I have a built-in speed buzzer too, it's built in her mouth...
    I didn't realize I had that option in MY car untill you posted that! Learn something every day!


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    Happy new year to all!! I forgot to mention that the pismo derelicts do something on the first saturday of the new year. New years day happens to be today Saturday. The derelicts gather at the usual meeting place in the morning, then hand out flyers and for this first saturday of the year hold the garage tour. Three or four guys feature a tour to their house/garage. The tour (all three to four properties) last about six hours. It's great seeing different garage set ups especially to get ideas for your own. Todays tour is not on the web site, but look at last years pictures. Look in the photo gallery at the top of the page under G/Tour 09. I really like the last garage to be toured- check out how many Corvettes and lifts this guy has!!!


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    Sorry everyone, the once a year garage tour was bumped up a day this year(friday) so we could still have our coffee morning on saturday.


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    Pictures for the 2010 Pismo derelicts annual garage tour held last friday.
    Go to From there go to the photo gallery and click on GTour10


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    Looks like a cool gathering.


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    No local shows here, 2 below zero, & snow!!! Wish I was south, but I did manage to trial fit one of the floor pans in 52 today & cut out the old floor ,pictures to follow!!!
    Pete Barber 64 2+2 Htp. Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been "TURNED OFF"

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    Glad somebody is getting something accomplished on this cold day. I even hate to run out to get firewood let alone work on a car.

    Larry Crider
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