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Thread: Local car shows

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    Default Local car shows

    I was reading a "post " by AUCK [Mike} about a local show may be gone as it was sponsered by a local Pontiac dealer, that has lost it's dealership. The local shows are having a "tough" time all over, sponsership is hard to get, my own car club had to drop our annual show of 32 yrs. Costs kept climbing, [ rental of park, insurance, overtime pay for township personel for building, disc jockey etc] & sponsers were backing away for trophy's Then the CRUISE IN'S started, free admission, & the owners thought "why pay to go to a show, when a cruise in free" !!! & I agree 100% but who's covering the insurance on these avents. I see in our OLD AUTO'S paper [only cdn. paper of it's kind] there are letters to the editor, about boycotting shows that charge owners to show their cars, as without the cars, there is no show?? Good point, but some shows are put on in aid of community needs, charity"s etc. that need the $$$ SO I would say " pick & choose" what show you want to "pay" to go to, or do a cruise & donate to a charity on your own. Just my opinion!!!
    Pete Barber 64 2+2 Htp. Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been "TURNED OFF"

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    It seems the Twin City area of Minnesota is a mecca for cars shows, with literally several to chose from every weekend. Some are free, and some pay to get in. The free "cruise-in" shows certainly have gained a lot of popularity, not only because they are free, but the parti****nts can come and go as they please.

    Our local POCI Tomahawk chapter has been fortunate enough to have two dealerships sponsor free shows for us. They both were former Pontiac dealerships, but also sold other surviving GM brands. We can only hope these relationships our chapter, and other POCI chapters have with dealers, continue to survive in these tough times for the auto industry.

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    We on the central Ca. coast have weekly get togethers. Cider Creek Bakery in Paso Robles (bakery bumbs), Morro Bay on the embarcadero, Pismo Beach (Pismo Derelicts). All of these are not more that 25minutes from my house (Paso is 5 min. from me). Paso is getting up tp 60 cars and Pismo derelicts as much as 300 cars every saturday morning from 7:00A.M. to 10:30A.M. Pismo derelicts have a web site ( ) Please go to the web site and explore the site. They give a very good REASON in their misson statement why these groups get together. The Pismo derelicts take pictures of each saturday gathering and post them on their picture gallery. (my 69 455 LeMans was last posted on 9/12/09). I like these saturday gatherings because your done by noon so you have the rest of the day and because it dosen't mess up sunday for church or family functions. The only drawback is the lack of Pontiac's! as you will see if you go to the web site.


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    Jeff, yes that is my baby. Original cordova roof, original complete interior, including carpet (which you can't see), original chrome & stainless and me the original owner. Originally I ordered as a 350 H-O, a spun rod bearing changed all that to a 70 thirty over 455. Special note, the TH 400 has never been out of the car and this car has been drag raced and road raced. How do you like the 15X8's in the rear that Big Injun Dave gave me a few years back?. Check out the photo gallery again for the 08 pictures on 0/9/08, my 76 Olds is the second and third picture, that car is original paint as well as me the original owner. There is also on 08/23/08 the first four pictures are my 65 Type 111 European model 1200A standard VW that I've had since the 11th grade. 42mpg at 100 K/H.


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    In the Raleigh NC area, we have lots of informal cruise-ins at resturants and such.

    Unfortunately there is no POCI chapter anywhere near me. We only have one in Greensboro and Wilmington. I don't understand this. Raleigh is a bigger city than either of these. I guess no one cares about Pontiacs in Raleigh.


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    022561 Guest


    FYI Jeff, the LeMans and the VW were paint jobs I did in my driveway. The VW in 1973 and the LeMans in 1991. Both cars have original chrome bumpers.
    Ken, I know how you feel about not having any close chapters. If you noticed in the picture that Jeff posted of my LeMans right next to it is a 64 GTO and behind my car is a 66 GTO. If you go on the derelict web site on the same date (9/12/09) you will also see a 51 Pontiac owned by a friend of mine. There are about, give or take ten members of POCI in my area and about the same or more who have Pontiac's but do not want to make a chapter. Most of those guys are of the belief of the misson statement that the Pismo derelicts have (see their website home page) .


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    022561 Guest


    Jeff, sorry I didn't answer about the fuel injection question. No it's got a RA4 intake(no exhaust crossover) with a 1" micarta spacer with a 800 CFM Q jet (455 Buick Q jet center section) , a lower carbon fiber air cleaner base made by Heinrich Gerhardt so the hood would close. Those tubes you see above the valve covers are not fuel rails, they are made of aluminum and are used to carry the wiring harness on bothe sides of the engine. They were not put on to make it look cool. After I took delivery of the car when it was new I could smell something burning, but could not pin it down right away.After about a month I finally found the left side wiring harness smoking away on the heat riser so I fixed the problem so it would never happen again.


  8. Default Local Sponsors

    Hey Dave
    could you get your local dealerships to call ours to encourage them to keep sponsoring us.
    We to have lost our local guys, even though they carry GMC Trucks the economy seems to have pulled on them stronger than we were hoping.
    As far as local shows, we have plenty to choose from starting in March and running into the latter part of November. We also have free cruise-ins weekly. One thing that has started the past couple years in the Tulsa area is the number of churches putting on car shows. I'll have to admit they draw the people, they are always free entries, sometimes trophys sometimes not, but they always feed you for free. One church in South Tulsa fed over 1,000 people and I'm not talking hot dogs, they had smoked chicken, pulled pork, hot links and more, plus tons of homemade deserts. So if everyone is hungry now plan your trip to Tulsa the 3rd Sunday of September. Again everyone like the church shows because they don't tie you up all day but generally only last 2-3 hrs.

    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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    TININDN Guest



    I didn't read your reply because I couldn't keep my eyes off your new signature picture -

    make it bigger please!


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    I have only been involved in the hobby a few years, displayed my car in a few show'n'shines, have not been involved in the organizing of a show, never done a cruise-in, so not alot of experience to draw on, but the most recent show I entered was maybe "the best" of them all, and it appears to be viable for the future and with growth and continued sponsorship potential.

    This show is called the "GM Motorama" (right away, kind of conjures up images of the 1950's and 1960's extravagant shows & dream cars, in other words "the good old days")

    The local GM dealer is the major sponsor, in as much as they clear their front lot the evening before the annual Sunday show and that is where the show is held, right in the dealership front lot. No idea how the issue of insurance works, if the dealership has insurance that also covers this sort of event or if something additional is purchased. The show is for GM vehicles only and is free to enter. The show is co-hosted by the local Cadillac club (so there's a good showing of Cadillacs of all vintages, which are always fun to look at) and the local Chevelle & Beaumont club. The dealership also cleared out part of the showroom, and put some of the cars from the dealership owner's personal collection on display.

    There is a pre-registration, just to kind of get an idea of numbers and commitment, if you're one of the first so-many to pre-register, then you get a dash plaque (assuming you show up, of course). No voting, no trophies, but each parti****nt gets a number which enters you in the draw for various "door prizes" (I assume prizes were donated by local automotive related businesses) with drawings thruout the day (to keep cars there beginning to end, as much as possible). There is a food vendor and DJ.

    There is a 50-50 draw and a donations box and an auction of more valuable merchandise (I assume also donated). It's a silent style auction where you buy tickets, put how ever many tickets in a bucket associated with each item, then at the end of show (keep cars to end, again) they draw a ticket from each bucket to award the items. More tickets you put in a certain bucket, the better your odds of winning that item. All proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House for sick kids.

    Personally, I think entering my car in this show is a great way for me to show my support for my local GM dealer. There seems to be some anti-GM sentiment in the Pontiac community these days, but my local GM dealer did not get any say in the decision to end Pontiac. My local GM dealership (like many others) is owned by a local businessperson, who also happens to be a car enthusiast. His motivation is to sell and service cars, turn a profit, and stay in business, so the dealership can continue to employee many other local people in the sales, service and parts department of that dealership. When I chat with these folks on the issue of Pontiac, they all wish that GM had done a better job of managing the brand and they all wish that Pontiac could have continued. I still buy parts for my Pontiacs at the GM dealership parts department and have my "fleet" of 3 Pontiacs serviced at the GM dealership service department.

    I think this GM Motorama show is a good example of how to work with the local GM dealer to enable a show to take place, encourage parti****tion, benefit a local charity, and have fun. This year was I think only the second year for the show, there was about 150 cars, I was talking to one of the organizers, they expect around 200 for next year, I'll be one of them, won't miss it.
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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