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    Default Bookmark This Link to Evaluate Auto Transporters

    I have been searching for an auto transporter that I can trust and it is not easy to understand what you are dealing with.

    In doing my research, I stumnbled across a site wher people review various auto transport companies.

    Check out the link below:

    When you look at a given company, don't bother looking at the number of stars as that is very subjective.

    I recommend that you read each of the comments listed by the people who have used the service to get a feel for the company.

    The nature of the complaint is more important than how upset the people were. You will find lots of people who are just PO'd that the car was late. In my opinion that is only a minor annoyance.

    On the other hand when you comments about damaged cars, bad customer service and hidden charges --- that is a red flag.

    Also key information to look at is whether or not the company owns its own trucks or is a broker. I am inclinde to use someone who runs its own trucks rather than broker a deal to mulitiple sub contractors.


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    Nov 2008
    Central New York

    Thumbs up Intercity Lines

    I used Intercity to ship my '70 SJ from CA to NY. After seeing the video of Jay Leno that did it for me. I had checked into open carriers, but they won't cover acts of God, hail, etc. The driver was very good considering he was having to pour gas down the carb to get my car to run, warned me about the L/front tire that had some serious tread seperation after sitting for so long, had the car home 3 hours and the tire blew in my barn! Talk about some luck.
    Steve Naresky

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    I used Agape Transport to move my '61 Pontiac from California to Tennessee and had excellent service. My business partner used them to ship from California to Florida, also excellent experience. Both of those cars were running, drivable cars. I just contracted them to move another car for me from California to Indiana. This one has no engine. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    I used a small guy, Jim Guinn out of Tx to haul my 65 G/P up here. Open trailer but very consciencious hauler, price was reasonabe also.

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    Last summer my brother, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, purchased a '78 Firebird Formula from a guy in Dayton, Ohio. I picked it up and drove it 130 miles back to my home in the Louisville, Ky area and a few days later it was picked up by Thomas Sunday Transport. I made a video of the guy loading it on the truck (below). It made the trip in a week with no problems and we would highly recommend them to anyone….

    1950 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe 2 Door Sedan, Straight 8, Hydramatic, 82k Miles….

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    i just used roadrunner transport, they quoted me $545.00, with just a two day lead time, they contacted carroll with horizon transport of aurora, mo. carroll delivered the 53 chieftain deluxe the next day after he picked it up. no damage during transportation, i wouldn't hesitate to use horizon transport again, he normally transports RV trailer out west, and looks for something to move east to reduce his deadhead mileage. carroll's phone number is 417-229-0246. what i like is that his rig is set up tp haul one car at a time.

    charles l. coker
    1953 pontiac tech advisor
    tech advisor coordinator
    poci 002660

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