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    Default Remaining new Pontiacs in short supply

    I saw a piece on AutoWeek's website about the remaining new Pontiacs going fast. They said there were around 500 Solstices and about the same number of G8s nationwide. Only a handful of G8 GTPs.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    I saw the same piece. Thankfully I picked up a G8 GT this summer. Perhaps the best car I have ever owned!
    Dave "Big Injun" Anderson
    '66 GeeTOW Wagon (Tempest Custom)
    '67 GTO Pro-Street
    '01 GTP
    '09 G8 GT

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    Default g8

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Injun Dave View Post
    I saw the same piece. Thankfully I picked up a G8 GT this summer. Perhaps the best car I have ever owned!
    Cool. It should be a keeper.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Default G8 Sport trucks.. now available

    .. thanks to the efforts of people who should not have been paid at all... the demise of Pontiac has lead to a surplus of G8 product in GM Holden Australia's warehouses.
    Rather then throw it away... Holden down under has just released a limited edition (limited to the bits they have left) "G8 special" edition... both sedan and the Ute / sports truck....
    In the coming weeks I'll take delivery of a new Holden Ute built with left over stocks of G8 Noses, badging and other former Pontiac only stocks.. and then add myself the Pontiac badging to bring about the vehicle that WOULD have gone onto build a new slab of buyers and interest in PMD.

    Visually the common pickup is one thing.. that's mainly the one the US press was shown as the pathetic marketing efforts took place to introduce the ute to the market....
    The "Sports Truck" .. really was an El Camino.. it really STILL does work perfectly in that line up .. or as a Chevy Ute..... after all your looking likely to get the RWD police interceptors from Holden in the form of a Chevy caprice .. why not the Ute as well...
    Anyway.. thats enough for my first posting here.. hope not to get flamed .

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    Default Locals

    .. just as bit of interest to the above Sports Truck.. here is a couple at the local Holden Dealer this afternoon.. The Chevy make up of the middle eastern exported versions.. the blue one is the typical Aussie ute.. The RED one above of course is the US version that .. never was.. and what a damn shame ... however its appearance with G8 cosmetics will make its debut here in the coming weeks. Average cost of the loaded LE versions is around U$36,000 with V8 & 6 speed manual etc.

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    Default Pontiac Sport Truck now available

    .. now available.. limited production of 200 being run by Holden.. without the Pontiac badging... too bad... Looks like by not just killing Saturn or Saad rather then Pontiac.. they killed off something that people wanted instead and with the right marketing .. the legend could have continued.

    This picture was taken at the city Holden dealer yesterday . .they had two..sold one immediately. Cost wise.. bit rich.. but around US$40,000 with the Gen iV in auto with a host of good stuff inc 4 wheel disc, sat nav etc.

    Attached Images Attached Images

  7. Default G8 Truck

    Oh my, I knew from what I had heard this would have been a great item to be included in the Pontiac lineup. Shame it did not happen. What a great looking vehicle and user friendly.
    Thanks for sharing the photos and story.

    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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    Default Ute

    Now that would have created some Pontiac Excitement in the showroom.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Now that's a good looking truck. Keep posting here as I have an 04 GTO Aussie built Pontiac.
    I have fond memories of Sidney and my R&R from Viet Nam in 1970. The maid at the hotel in Kings Cross drugg me out of bed to catch my return flight or I would still be there or in jail.

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    Default Last new Pontiac

    I was running around to the Pontiac Dealers in my territory looking for a G-8, which appears to be the top line Pontiac now available. Only found one. I was trying to research an article I had been working on. Then I heard on Motor Trend Radio Network that they had built the last Pontiac. Now I know why Pontiacs were hard to find--they aren't making anymore of them. Sort of like what the Realtors used to say about land--"get it now, they aren't making anymore of it".
    What I was researching was in response to a lively discussion on another website about how unaffordable new cars were. I maintain that cars are much cheaper now than ever before. Doesn't help if you are out of work, but if you can swing it, prices are down compared to historic pricing. I was comparing the prices of 1960 Bonneville 4 door, 1965 Bonneville 4 door, 1985 Parriesiene Brougham 4 door, 1990 Bonneville 4 door, and the top car now, a G-8 4 door. In my humble opinion, the G-8 may be a technological wonder, but it sure does not occupy the same position in the market as the previous top line Pontiac 4 door models did.

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