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    Blackstock Ont. Canada


    here's my 2 cents worth in CDN funds, I contacted Paul,re site problems, that he fixed "fast" & also relayed that I "thought" that some members don't have computors!! This was the case in my meeting 3 POCI members this past summer at shows here in Ontario. None of them are on line & have no use, or interest for them. I'm 62, & it did take along time b-4 I got on line & able to use this "damm" thing.I've only re-joined recently & got my 1st Signals, if it's not in there,maybe there should be more promotion of site through there, & members will know it's up & running "again" I can relate to some of the frustration here, as when I go on the Canadian Poncho site, the response is "overwhelming" when you post something & in a short time span, here it takes a long time to get a response if at all!!! You can leed a horse to water BUT, you know the rest Pete

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    I don't mean this to sound condescending, but it is hard to believe that in this day and age most people don't have at least one PC at home.

    My dad Passed away 2 years ago at 86 and he was using a PC from the late '70's until the day he died. I can't think of any job where you don't need to use a PC to some extent these days.


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    I think one of the best ways to get things rolling and to help the guy who posted a question and no one answered would be to have the tech advisors responsible for looking at the site in their general area. I would think in these days the questions for the tech advisor would be coming from this avenue most. These people should be the first responders for the site.
    Some people choose not to use the internet and if thats what they want that's ok too. They must remember that when they are looking to buy a car or that special part that they will in most cases beaten out by the speed of technology, this dosen't mean they can't call a tech advisor though. I was one of those people who resisted pc's years back, but in todays world you can hardly get job without those skills. Think about this for a moment. I don't know how many of our members do not use the internet. For some people collecting old cars is a feeling of going back into the past when things were simple, so some of our members might be old school. I do know some people in the car hobby that are just like that and it's not just their cars. Some just look at these electronic gismos as just something more to go wrong.
    Just my 2cents

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    I've been encouraging tech advisors to frequent the site more. THere have been changes made because of this and every new tech advisor is notified up front that this is part of their duties.


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    Mike, I think that I would stress that if they accept the responsibility of the position that this forum is their primary duty. I know that you kinda just said that, but I'm not seeing them chime in very much. How much arm twisting authority does the club have besides giving them the shove?


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    first, want to mention I like what you've done on the poci home page to make the link to the forum more prominent.

    Now, for my suggestion. in a word, celebrities.

    Jim ****ers, Dave Anderson, Jim Mattison (and my apologies for others I've missed, but you get the idea) these Pontiac icons are all poci members, I just checked the membership roster, they're there.

    These great ambassadors of Pontiac attend the poci annual conventions, contribute articles to Smoke Signals magazine, advertise products and services to poci members, I think we need them here on this forum. Could someone approach them and get them hooked into this forum?

    When Jim ****ers has an article or comment about the demise of the Pontiac Division, this is where it should appear first, on this forum, where we can comment, question, express opinion, etc.

    When Dave Anderson takes the GEE T O tiger to an event, this forum is where I want to read about how it went.

    What's happening with the Pontiac Historical Collection, is there any of it left? Any rare thought-it-was-lost Pontiacs found recently? This forum is where I want to learn more about it.

    And what about some of the other icons who are not poci members. I understand that John Middlebrook spoke at this years convention. Sign him up and get him hooked into this forum. I want to hear what he has to say about his experiences at PMD.

    And how about John Schinella, I understand that he spoke at this years TA Nats. Sign him up and get him hooked into this forum.

    I'm sure there are many others, who have I missed? Someone needs to make a pitch to them, and get them hooked into this forum. Make this forum to place to be for the preservation of all things Pontiac - the cars, the heritage, the people, the milestones, the events ...
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    Excellent idea.

    In fact if we can pull this off, this would be the compelling reason to keep this as a closed forum.

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    Talking I intend to spend more time here......

    As some of you have stated, I too have my favorite car forums and as a result I have neglected spending more time on this promising forum. Lots of good ideas here that warrant implementing in order to "grow" this site to it's full potential.

    1966 GTO Sport Coupe
    1968 Grand Prix
    1972 Trans Am clone

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    This is one of those "Chicken or the Egg" things. We all spend time on other forums because those are the places we find more information.

    I am flattered to be referred to as a celebrity, but I am not. Just an enthusiasts who gets to drive a cool hot rod.

    As a POCI BOD I am committed to enriching the "forum experience" on this site as "one reaps what one sows."
    Dave "Big Injun" Anderson
    '66 GeeTOW Wagon (Tempest Custom)
    '67 GTO Pro-Street
    '01 GTP
    '09 G8 GT

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    Quote Originally Posted by kencary View Post
    Excellent idea.

    In fact if we can pull this off, this would be the compelling reason to keep this as a closed forum.
    What are the benefits of keeping this a "closed" forum rather than being open to anyone who registers like the AACA web site?

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