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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff K View Post
    Without home based manufacturing you do not have a functional 1st world nation.
    Tell me about it, I'm in Pittsburgh.. We still manufacture a good amount of steel here but chemicals our are biggest export..

    This new admin did put a duty on Chinese steel dumping.. I have to give them credit for that....[/QUOTE]

    The above's the truth, unfortunately greed has replaced sense.

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    Just like to inform all you out there and in response to ozpont's statement. There is really no nationality when it comes to the automakers and some other industries. These companies are global companies. That is why it was such a insult to the American people for our government to bail out G.M. Why didn't G.M. pull assets out of China to bolster it's U.S. operations?? They didn't because IN our government there are a bunch of saps who are easily fooled.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kencary View Post
    I agree that many political and environmental issues do pertain to our club and should be discussed on this forum.

    An example was the cash for clunkers program which may have removed many decent pontiac motors and cars from the hobby market. We need to stand united to fight these sort of aniti car programs.

    If you're interested in some information about the Pontiacs that were (or are about to be) crushed under the CARS program, check out this topic in the legislative affairs section of the forum
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozpont View Post
    .. not to forget.. that alot of what was sold was simply imported vehicles.. the spin off.... is the C4C program designed to promote Korean, Australian, Chinese, German, Austrian, Mexican & Tawianese industry.. or AMERICAN industry... but unfortunately you can't discriminate apparently.... you can't say " BUY AMERICAN MADE OR HIGH AMERICAN CONTENT" vehicles & your government is offering an incentive...

    Without home based manufacturing you do not have a functional 1st world nation.

    I added the summary of new cars purchased under the CARS program to the topic in the legislative affairs section of the forum
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    How can you explain how a so called import has MORE U.S. domestic content than a so called U.S. domestic vehicle ?? Globalization I think, at least that is what they told us. Now that all the pieces are falling into place most people still don't get it. I guess you just have to be hungry before you get off the pot, and by then it's too late. In terms of years it just went too fast.


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    Hey guys, good topic about legistative issues etc, but let's move this to the appropriate thread.

    This thread is about helping to grow our forum.

    Based on recent posts, I am starting to see things pick up.

    One of my associate members will be joining soon and I hope he will be active to stir things up. He has 3 Pontiacs and one old GMC truck.


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    Seems like legislative issues are a hot topic, as they should be

    So in keeping with the original purpose of this topic, which is helping to grow the forum, I have a suggestion.

    Right now the Legislative Affairs section is way down at the bottom of the main forum index under Events & News. I think it's kind of lost there.

    Should we consider moving the Legislative Affairs section up on the main index to the General Discussion so it appears right under the POCI Message Board section. I think this would give it more visability/awareness, which it deserves.
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Nixon View Post
    Jeff, give it time, Active membership is growing every day. It'll get there.

    After the fiasco with the shutdown of the last site the word needs to get out to members that it's back up and running.

    Has it hit you guys that we have build some decent momentum in the last few months?

    Let's keep it up!!!!


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