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    Default 66 Lemans w A/C inside heater box

    I trying to put back together a 66 Lemans A/C car that was stripped out. i bought a used box. it seems that i cant get the center diverter door to work. the wone that diverts to the into the large plastic duct that goes to the dash outlets. i noticed that the defroster door has spring return and vaccum to open. the center door does not.

    would anyone have any ac parts around or an ac car to tell me where a spring would hook up to and what it would look like. better yet. have a spring. Any help is appreciated.

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    Let me check my 66 AC service manual,
    but I'm not sure it will show that spring.
    I'll get back with you If I find something.

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    Arrow I think this is it

    Just went out and checked it looks like this is the only pic I could find.
    Hope these help.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Thats what im looking for. Thank you very much...

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    have plenty of these units for parts. PM me with what you need. THX

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