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    Question looking for a reliable parts supplier

    I am beginning a restoration to original on a 1947 Torpedo 8 4 door sedan, that is already in surprisingly good condition. I have used two different suppliers so far, and I am not very pleased with the service or quality of the parts. I will be spending well over $10,000.00 in parts, as I will be doing the work myself. I am looking for a reliable, reasonable price line parts dealer. Areas of need will be: interior, everything from headliner and seat material to carpet and trim. Extierior and interior paint and related supplies, chrome plating, tires, and I'm sure I have missed other items. I would be grateful for any information. Please email suggestions to


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    Have you tried Pontiac California Restoration?

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    Are you a member of your local POCI CHapter? Do you go to their meetings and events? Are you a member of Early Times Chapter? You will find the answers to your questions in these chapters. Don't ignore the guys with street rods and modified cars--they generally do their own work.

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    Well mgwech this question is too big for one post, but just a few suggestions to start, Google for further contact:

    MECHANICAL PARTS California Pontiac Restoration, possibly Kanter

    INTERIOR There is no pre-packaged Pontiac interior for 1947s, you will have to find your own replacement material and find a local upholster to sew it up. Possible sources are:
    Hampton Coach--a Chevy and Buick supplier, but their repro material may be suitable for a Pontiac too, ask for samples.
    Bill Hirsch--a general purpose supplier, get samples
    Kanter--they list replacement carpet, headliners, seat covers, etc. I would not buy without carefully examining samples for a match that I approve with my own inspection.

    TIRES--Coker or other large repro tire place.

    CHROME PLATING--Pauls Chrome or Librandi's Plating, both in PA and both not cheap, but no good chrome is. Good luck,
    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    The nice thing about getting in with your local chapter is that they know some relatively local places to get work done. For instance, here in central Illinois, there is Gem City Plating that can do excellent plating for much less than most of those places you find in the national pubs. You are actually likely to get your parts back too,. There are local upholstery shops here that can do your interior for a lot less than sending off for a kit, and then having them install it. Besides, it is kind of nice to have some local pals who are infected with the same rustus boltus virus you are. There are a lot of good reasons to know your local POCI pals.

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