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  1. Default Trunk Paint 1964 GP

    Does any one know where to get the red & black splatter paint for a 1964 GP trunk?

    Thnaks, Tony

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    Default Red and Black

    I've been looking for the same paint for 2 years. I found every color but red and black. I finally resorted to buying a trunk mat from Ames. It's not the same as the paint but it gets by.


  4. Default 1964 GP Trunk Paint

    Hi Thanks for your replies. I may be asking the wrong question. My 64 GP is Alamo Beige in color. One of the previous owners painted the trunk a bright red color. The floor mat & side panels, which appear to be original, are red & black herring bone. What is the correct color of splatter paint to use to make the trunk original looking as possible? I have seen aqua & black, white & gray, and beige with white & black flecks.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    My 63 Catalina came originally with red and black spatter paint in the trunk. I don't know if it matters but it was built in Wilmington Del. Most of the other 63 pontiacs I've looked at have been painted in the black and aqua colors. Some of the owners swear thats what it should be. Others say that they came in a variety of the colors so I believe any of the colors would be correct.

    Tony D.

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    I won't swear to 63 but I do know different plants used different paints in 65.

    My 65 GTO's OE spatter paint is almost like undercoating. The pattern is way of of what's accepted as corect also.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I guess i'll just pick a color I like.

  8. Default red and black spatter

    I have a 64 bonneville convertible which is the saddle bronze with a white top. I believe it was mfg'd in the Baltimore plant. While I've been told it's incorrect, the trunk is the red and black as you have indicated. I have not seen a supplier of anything close. I like you needed to freshen up the trunk appearance and purchased the mats and liners from Ames. They work well and look nice. I used combination of red oxide primer and a dull/darker red paint to approximate the correct shade under the mat. If someone wants to make some up, I'm sure they will be able to sell a significant batch of it...

    Good luck.


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    Thank you for your suggestion. I ordered a can of beige with white & black flecks from TCP global. They mix it from Zolatone splatter 20 series paint. My car is Alamo Beige & I am hoping it will look original. Going to try some sample pieces before we use it.

  10. Default Found Red & Black splatter paint 1964GP

    It is made by Zolatone # ZT20-78-QT Dark Red and is sold by Midstate Tool & Supply
    RD 2 Box 582
    Altoona, PA 16601

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