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    As a further point, as my grandmother used to say, "if I were rich instead of so good looking..." there are many different Pontiacs and Oaklands I'd love to have, mostly stock. I wish I had my '64 GTO convert back, and my '63 Grand Prix, and my '69 Judge (bought new for $4200), and my '36 Pontiac coupe hot rod, and the '66 Catalina convert I had in high school, and a 2006 GTO and a 2009 G8 and a '67 Firebird Sprint and, well you get the idea. Our common bond in POCI is the cars, not making them all like one individual thinks they should be, no matter which end of the spectrum he likes.

    At the convention I'll walk down every aisle and look at every type of car, from restored Oaklands to street rodded 1930s Pontiacs to Super Duty Catalinas to he****s to Trans Ams to GMCs. I'm a PONTIAC GUY!
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Talking Been busy...

    racing the GTO @ a Fontana track rental today. Killer day , tried every combination of heating the slicks, launch rpm, shift rpm, open and closed exhaust, tire pressure: you get the idea. 11 passes w/ plenty of time to adjust/tune between runs. I even hooked up my FAST AFR meter for a few passes to double check for leaness @ WFO .

    Anyhow, it looks like we need to AGREE, to disagree, re stock, stock appearing/ but stealth mods/improvements (Don), resto-mod (Les), mild custom (Dave), and full custom (Alan) treatments of our chosen favorite marque: Pontiac.

    With the exception of today's drag racing track rental, I agree w/ Don that it is hard to beat the continous rush from running @ road track rentals, as drag racing requires 10-12 hours of standing around for 2 qualifying passes and a third pass, if you go out in the first round: 3 passes total for $50. I haven't run @ Buttonwillow yet, but I have a LOT of laps on Willow Springs' big track: I have been running there since the early 80s on motorcycles, and started running the TA there last year. I struggled to get my lap times below 2 min. (2.5 mi. track), and I am now circulating in the low 1:50s vs my best time on my 888 Ducati of 1:43 (on the old, narrower track). I need a road race oil pan, p. steering cooler, 2qt. accumulator, TKO 600 trans, shoulder harness, and a set of Hoosiers to really get serious. My TA has a Alumitech radiator, 19" 7 blade a/c fan w/ severe duty fan clutch, and it stays right @ the 180* thermostat set point, even when circulating @ 85% track pace.

    1966 GTO Sport Coupe
    1968 Grand Prix
    1972 Trans Am clone

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