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  1. Default CPSC - new POCI Chapter forming


    We have formed a new non-regional, specialty chapter within POCI for the Canadian Pontiac owners and enthusiasts.

    Check out our web site at

    Paul Bergstrom

    Check out Robert Kirk's 1958 Pontiac Strato Chief 2-door in the photo below.... how cool is that ride!!!!
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  2. Default CPSC - chapter charter submitted

    The chapter charter for the CPSC has been submitted to the POCI board of directors - watch for more updates soon!

    - Paul B.

  3. Default CPSC Chapter Approved - Wed Site Launched

    The CPSC was approved at the 2009 Co-Vention, so we are on our way! Our first newsletter is scheduled for this month, and our web site is now up and running, check out:

    We invite all interested POCI members to join up, support us and help us get this important chapter off to a great start!
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    Default the new guy.

    HI my name is Rod i live in Warkworth Ont. I have a 1939 Canadian pontiac i am restoring. Hope to here from guys in my area. If i can be of help about your old car let me know and i will do all i can well by for now.

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    Rod - I invite you to check out and join the Canadian Pontiac chapter, check out their web site for more information

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    Default Canadian Pontiac chapter

    Thanks i have joined.

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