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Thread: Fate of Pontiac

  1. Default Fate of Pontiac



    GM To Cut 21,000 Jobs, Scrap Pontiac

    April 27, 2009 General Motors Corp. said it will cut 21,000 U.S. hourly jobs and scrap Pontiac brand by end of 2010 in major restructuring announced Monday.

    GM said it will focus on four core brands in the United States: Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC.

    "The revised plan accelerates the timeline for a number of important actions and makes deeper cuts in several key areas of GM's operations, with the objective to make us a leaner, faster, and more customer-focused organization going forward," the automaker said in a statement.

    Fritz Henderson, GM president and CEO, said, "We are taking tough but necessary actions that are critical to GM's long-term viability. Our responsibility is clear to secure GM's future and we intend to succeed. At the same time, we also understand the impact these actions will have on our employees, dealers, unions, suppliers, shareholders, bondholders, and communities, and we will do whatever we can to mitigate the effects on the extended GM team."

    Hear Don Keefe's interview with NPR:

    (RIP image provided by Greg Walters)
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    IMO this is the wrong move.

    That being said, with this move, we as a family, have purchase our last New Gm car. When it comes time to buy new again it'll be a Ford.


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    MSNBC News article, slideshow and video

    Thrill is gone — GM’s Pontiac bites the dust
    Auto enthusiast looks back at the history of storied U.S. automaker

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    Makes the purpose of Pontiac-Oakland Club International even more relevant than ever before
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    Default Death of 1,000 cuts

    Pontiac has been suffering the death of 1,000 cuts for years. Pontiac never recieved a 4 wheel drive like Olds Bravada; Pontiac didn't get a copy of the 91and newer Caprice body that Chevy and Buick got. They took motor sports activities away from Pontiac, which sort of killed the Excitement image.
    I'm not sure what was wrong with the reincarnated GTO. From people I expect would know, they say it was a worthy car. I'm afraid that it just looked like another lump of silver colored something to me. A couple grevious mistakes stand out in my mind. They demonstrated a G-6 retractable coupe at the Chicago Auto Show one year. And for the next couple years, they did that; but when it finally hit the showrooms, other manufacturers had already had their's on the market for a year or more. The Solstice looks like a neat little car, until you realize that if you have a friend with you, there is no place for luggage. There is no place for golf clubs. You'd have to take the beer out of the case to get it in the trunk. Also, the guy who failed to make the G-6 engine fit in the Solstice should have been hooked to the bumper with a stout chain, to see how fast he could run, and how far he could keep it up. Even an MG midget had room for beer and her purse in the trunk, with the top down.

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    Arrow R.i.p.

    The King is dead... LONG LIVE THE KING.
    Last edited by GpFreak; May 1st, 2009 at 21:43.

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    Default Change you can believe in

    When General Motors became Government Motors what did you expect?
    Elections matter! Words mean things.
    Remember what Pontiac stands for 'Performance, & Excitement -not what the government wants. The government knows nothing about performance equaling efficiency and they think excitement equals scandal.
    Bean counters running GM can not or will not succeed.
    What they need to build is what people want to buy and stay ahead of the curve not trying to play catch up.
    As with everything GM does when they get some good products developed they stop building them. So goes Pontiac by the wayside. It was a good ride for quite a few years.
    Pontiac now just another road marker on the road to Hell.
    A Dealer told me last night 5/17/2009 Pontiac Dealership operations to wind down by March 2010.
    Solstice Coupe production to be 1,000 units only!
    If your going to buy anything they have left better Git-R-Done!

    Rust In Peace

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    It's all good !! I think we call it CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN . Watch out for your collector cars next!

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    I did see an interview where a private group of investors is trying to buy the name and advertising rights to Pontiac.The guy talked like production could begin in 6-8 yrs if the deal was done.

    Has anyone else heard an update on how this is going?


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    while we can blame General Motors management for failing to do a good job over the last (more than a) few years and as a result, leading the company into the sorry state it is in, the General Motors management is no longer in charge, The US Federal Government is now effectively directing what General Motors does and this includes product planning decisions.

    I do not believe the US Federal Government wants General Motors to build what the people want to buy. The US Federal Government has an agenda, and the agenda is to reduce and ultimately eliminate the US dependency on foreign oil and also to reduce and ultimately eliminate greenhouse emissions which many believe are a major contributor to global climate change. While we can probably all agree that reduced dependency on foreign oil and reduced greenhouse emissions are worthy goals, as long as gasoline is reasonably priced and available and "traditional" combustion engine powered cars are reasonably priced and available, then when individual car purchasing decisions are made, most people will continue to purchase and operate vehicles that do not help meet the stated goals. That is, if manufacturers continue to offer them.

    And so what this means is that manufacturers must be discouraged from continuing to offer such vehicles. And in the case of General (Government) Motors, this means the company will be directed not to offer such vehicles. The Pontiac brand could only be successful if they were to restore the performance/excitement image. This is completely contradictory with the Government agenda. The Government agenda is that vehicles must become bland, boring, non-combustion engine powered, transportation appliances. Pontiac is just one of the first casualties, the Camaro and Corvette will soon become casualties as well, the US Federal Government will mot permit GM to manufacture these vehicles much longer. They have an agenda, they run the company, the company must become a practical example of the agenda, otherwise the Federal Government is exposed to potential criticism they are not walking their own talk.

    The Federal Government will not offer the Pontiac brand for sale to some third party that might want to continue it, the sort of vehicles that a Pontiac brand would offer are not consistent with the agenda.

    So you might ask, if Government Motors is offering boring, extremely low (or no) gas consumption vehicles, which are not what the consumer wants to purchase, and the other (not US Federal Government controlled) manufacturers are "free" to make product planning decisions based on market demand, how will Government Motors sell enough vehicles to firstly survive and secondly make enough of a difference to achieve the stated agenda (reduced dependency, reduced GH emissions)? If the playing field remains level they won't. And so the playing field will not remain level. What you should prepare for are things like significant incentives (in the $1,000's of dollars) to trade in combustion engine vehicles, which will be crushed - because it is not consistent with the agenda to allow them to be resold or even allow them to be parted out to enable other combustion engine powered vehicles to continue to operate. Prepare for things like government mandated extremely high mileage requirements, not just on fleet average, but applying to all vehicle models. Prepare for things like significant incentives to assist with the initial purchase of a non-combustion engine vehicle, and significant penalties to discourage the purchase of a combustion engine vehicle. Prepare for things like significant environmental surcharges on the purchase of fossil fuels.

    And I hate to admit it, but our children will probably thank us, because sadly, this has to be done.
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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