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    Default Deluxe vs Super Deluxe

    Does anybody know the difference between the two models for 1952. What options or dtails etc. Thanks Steve

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    Default Info on 1952 Models

    Hi Steve, I can photocopy some information for you on the 1952 models and drop it in the mail - email me your address (email to


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    Default Info on 1952 Models

    Sending out info to you 10/30/08


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    Default Deluxe Vs. Super Deluxe

    Super Deluxe was a model that applied only to Catalina model years 1950 through 1954. The difference was exclusive colors, interiors that matched the exterior colors, and carpet thoroughout rather than the gray carpet on the rear floor, and a rubber mat on the front.
    50 was Sierra Rust and Ivory, and either a Sierra Rust and Ivory all leather interior, or bedford cord and leather interior in those colors.
    51 was Malibu Ivory and Safire blue
    52 was Seafoam green and Belfast green
    I don't know the proper names of the 53 colors, but it was a medium green sort of the color of light pea soup,and a very light green.
    54 was only on the Star Chief Catalina, and there wer more than one.
    The non SD cars had solid color leather interior, or leather interior with Gray bedford cord insert, rubber mat on the front floor and a gray carpet in the rear, and the standard colors for interiors of all Deluxe closed cars, including the steering wheel instead of the color matching ones.

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