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Thread: Car less!!

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    Default Car less!!

    Have a very empty garage!! Sold the 64 Impala 409 /4 speed to a broker for buyer in New Zealand, but broker took a "shine to the 64 Parissienne wagon and after some negoiations it went too!!! Did well on both sales !! now have to find something to replace at least one & see if I can stick to one?? Bad time to be looking here in Canada as most are in storage and price will jump in spring, and too many barriers cost wise to buy in the USA eg. Dollar exchange, transportiing here, Cdn. Government TAXES at the border, + provincial taxes when you register it !! Pretty well doubles the cost of purchase to get it home!!!
    Sometimes I wake up grumpy. But today I let her sleep in!!!

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    It saddens me when I see another one of our historic treasures like a vintage American car leave home. No mean disrespect Pete. It's your car, your money and most of all your business.

    Now you get to the fun part filling those empty spaces up. Hopefully with some old cars that you or another car guy recently restored and brought back to life..
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