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    Default Spamming member accounts not deleted

    Good afternoon,

    I am mainly a lurker, not a poster, in these great forums.

    Lately I noticed that accounts of known forum spammers (for instance spamming by private messages) are not deleted.

    Is there a reason for that ? The forum seem quite active so I can not imagine they have been abandoned by the admins.

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    No response.

    I assume this means POCI , or at least the admin, has abandoned these forums :-(

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    It sickens me to see what this once great club has turned into.. I have a four digit membership number. There was a close nit group of people who got hold of this club and pushed everybody out that wasn't one of them.. Now look at what's happened..

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    I tried contacting the admin via the forums and also used the link on the POCI page to contact but that email address did not exist anymore. Just located the email and tried it again.

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    I got a reply . . . . The Forums are still active, however, there has been very little activity as far as new postings in the past year. There is a committee working on revamping the POCI website and other online member benefits.

    That is good news. But in the current state the site and forum are going down the drain fast. Hopefully they will at least find an admin or moderator this year.

    PS: Got more spam messages few days ago. Reported it but their accounts are still active.

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    Got an email that my box was full. Deleted 40+ spam messages!
    Not cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by firebirdman View Post
    Got an email that my box was full. Deleted 40+ spam messages!
    Not cool.
    Same here!

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    I just deleted all my spam again.. I wonder why this forum is not being taken care of... They had a real good thing going with the old forum but when they made it members only it turned into what you see today...

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    Had this problem for quite awhile now. Supposed to rebuild site years ago.

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