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    Post Lower ball joints

    I have a 1964 Bonneville that needs lower ball joints replaced. I have ordered a pair from Ames. I am handy but not a mechanic. Can I replace these ball joints myself? I am thinking of jacking up the lower control arm and undoing the four bolts that hold the existing ball on. Do I need to press out the ball joint or will it come out after I undo the bolts? Thanks for your suggestions.
    Well since no one answered, I replaced the ball joints and car drives great now.
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    Did you have to press out the old ball joints. I've replaced them but I think they were replacements to begin with. The lower control arms all ready had the screw holes in them..

    The 64 needs to have the alignment updated for radial tires. Change the caster from negative to positive and change the camber from positive to negative. Keep the camber low like around .25. Set the caster to positive 2 drivers side, positive 2.5 passenger side to take away the cars tendency to pull to the right due to road crown..

    A Lee 14:1 800 series steering box with a 30 pound valve makes a world of difference to the handling and feel of these cars.. They came from the factory with too much assist.

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