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    Default 1930 Pontiac custom sedan oil tubing

    I've recently purchased a 1930 custom sedan with low miles.(54000) New to POCI. A lot of the car was disassembled when I got it. I'm beginning a full restoration. About the only item that is missing is the oil cannister that mounts on firewall and the tubing that appears to run to the manifold. (I've only seen one picture) anyway how hard are these parts to locate AND what is the function of this oiler? I'm hoping to have the engine running in the next several weeks and would like to start searching for the parts. Thanks

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    Ok I'm gonna try again. I've just bought a 1930 custom sedan. A lot was disassembled when I got it and I've got everything out but the leaf springs, rear end, and front suspension. I'm NOT an experienced car restorer. I was hoping to meet up with some guys on here who have restored a like model and could answer a few questions when I get stumped. I've ordered a new wiring harness. Tonite I pulled the dash out and looks like some wires are missing. The front windshield I'm sure I'll need help getting ready to order new window seals and runners. I contacted a place that has most parts but I tried to explain that I wasn't sure about the terminology and just wanted them to tell me the names of the pieces I described and go measure how much I needed myself but they didn't seem interested in taking the time. So if someone here could help with that process or know of a place that sells an entire kit I would sure appreciate it. Just trying to get a little help and make a few friends along the journey. The closest thing to a car I've restored was a 1965 cub cadet lawn mower lol.

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