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Thread: Timing

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    Default Timing

    Please tell me how to time a stock 1965 389 ci. 4bbl YF code engine. Thank You, Ted.

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    Disconnect and plug the vacuum advance..

    Lower idle to the lowest setting.

    Loosen distributor and turn to get the engine running as smooth as possible. Tighten the distributor. Try starting, If you have trouble, lower the timing slightly to get it just were it starts well and lock it in.

    Take it for a test ride, still keeping the vacuum advance plugged. Floor the car and listen for pinging, if no pinging is heard your good to go..

    You can connect the vacuum if you like, I leave them unplugged and during tune up time, I screw the points plate to the distributor to make it more stable..

    The vacuum advance was used so techs didn't have to do a power tune..

    Also, make sure your running a 160 thermostat and if the engine is high compression (10.75/10.5), use premium 93 octane fuel.
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