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    Default 400 upgrade to mild performance

    I have a Catalina -72 that Iím looking to make a little hotter, I have not enough knowledge to choose the appropriate equipment for this and are hoping someone have a setup that is functioning well and I simply could copy. As Iím from Europe (Sweden) all the equipment needs to be from a supplier that ship to Europe, I can handle the block bore but the rest needs to be ordered, preferably fully balanced.

    I have today 400 engine with block code YX and 7J2 heads and dual carb. THM-375 and 8,2Ē rear axle. Trans and axle will be upgraded as well. I would like to achieve maximum 500 hp with the help of a stroker kit and new heads, probably also EFI with new(?) intake. This is maximum of my capacity, I receive question about CR, lifters, cam angles, etc. and this, as well as the above, Iím hoping to get from the forum. /Mats

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    If you want to cruise keep it Pontiac. If you want to drag race put a big block Chevy 454 in it or spend obscene amounts of money on pretend Pontiac parts that don't run as good as the Chevrolet big block.. Now thats the truth!

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