I have a Frigidaire compressor I would like to mount on my 316 V8. The compressor has the three brackets attached to it one single mounting point at the rear, a two bolt mounting point on the front of the compressor and a single bolt mounting point on the front of the compressor. The two bolt front mounting point appears to have a large almost engine front mount type of attachment which requires an additional bracket as it has vertical orientation. The only two mounting points I can see on the intake manifold are those used for the generator bracket. I have moved my generator a mounting point bracket held by intake manifold bolts on the passenger side.
However, matching the orientation of the compressor to pictures I've seen of mounted units can't be achieved with a bracket or two I cannot see.
Does anybody have a picture showing the brackets I cannot see and likely don't have. Any photos or diagrams would be greatly appreciated, I think I could probably fabricate the needed brackets if I could get some idea of their shape and location.

Thank you,
Andy Taylor