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    Wink 1963 Bonneville Power Steering Line/Remote Mirror?

    Hello, all-

    I have a couple of questions about my car that I'm sure some of you will know the answers to.

    First- I'm looking for a high-pressure power steering line as mine is leaking pretty badly. I'm planning on replacing the return too, but everyone stocks those. No one stocks the high-pressure! I don't care about correctness, just a viable candidate to get my garage floor dry. Are there any that would work? Are the steering boxes similar? Would this work? It looks like mine: GM Steering Line

    Second, what is the best way to adjust the remote mirror? I can't get it even usably close. I'm aware that this is a "thing", but is it worth the effort? I'd like to know before I start disassembly and screw it up further. What about the "dummy" mirror on the passenger side? Is there any mod for it to be usable?

    I've looked in my Chassis Manual, but am coming up blank. Thanks in advance!

    Steve C. in PA

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    There is a guy in Smokes that sells them. I bought from him for my 63 GP.

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    That's what I ended up doing for power steering line. Remote mirror is a different story...

    Steve C. in PA

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