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    Default help on suspension for 64 catalina

    hello, recently purchased a 64 Catalina. the suspension has been restored in the past. I assume the handling is similar to original. Car rocks like a boat when pushing down on the wheel wells and the car handles like one as well. Looking for any suggestions on how to improve the ride. not looking for high performance, just better handling under normal driving conditions. Car has Power steering and best I can tell stock coils and shocks. I am considering replacing coils and shocks... any help appreciated. thanks!

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    I just finished restoring my 63 GP. I put in new springs all around and new shocks in the front from NAPA. It was two and one half inchs higher when done. and drives nice. They were worn out that is why I replaced them.

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    Not sure there is anything you can do for a larger anti sway bar for these cars but you can upgrade to a faster steering box in addition to the normal increase in spring rates & premium shocks such as KYB, Bilstien or Koni.

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    -Lee 14:1 steering box, 800 Series with a 30 pound valve. Make sure you tell them it has rear steering linkage.
    -Bilstine shocks get the ones for the wagon.
    -New idler arm.
    -New drag link.
    -New upper and lower control arm bushings..
    -Align the car with these specs.
    -Caster, positive, drivers side wheel +2 / passengers side wheel +2.5...
    -Camber, negative, both wheels -.25....
    -Toe in, both wheels 1/16 / 1/16....
    -Addco front sway bar, rear bar not needed..

    15 x 7 wheels with 4.25 back space, 225/70r15 tires. I like the Coopers. If you have 8 lugs Diamond back sells the 14" H series tires in modern radial form that fit those wheels. The best wheels for the 8 lugs are the 67-68 rims with the checker board style center section, they allow flex.

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