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    Default 58 Bonneville intake 'rebuild', or What is it?

    Does anybody know the function of the tube coming off of the center passenger port on intake manifold? It travels under the intake through some kind of tube with a spiral flat metal inside. I am assuming that this is impossible to find, therefore, can it be eliminated? See pics.
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    Is it some sort of choke tube? I will have to look at my 60 tomorrow and see if it has that.

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    OK, here's the answer. It's a warm air vacuum line that goes to the choke on the carb. The tube inside runs the length of intake, with a twisted metal insert designed to slow down the air flow. The small pipe plug allows installation. A real bear to remove without torch heat. The tube is semi pressed in and was driven out with a round punch. Info thanks to folks at AACA. Now comes the fun part of fabricating old pieces and pressing in.

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