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    Default 55 Pontiac 4 door wagon ready for upholstery need infor for Point restoration

    I have found a great upholstery shop in Bakersfield, CA. I need information on the pattern for the wood in the rear cargo area. This is the plywood base that is mounted directly to the metal around the spare tire hole and is a cover for the spare tire. Any help would be helpful.IMG_7907.jpg
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    try: he's a POCI member
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Dear Wagonman, I don't know of any wood in the back of a 1955 860 or 870 wagon. I had an 870 wagon all original years ago I sold and it was all morahide.
    870s04.jpg 870s42.jpg870s05.jpg870s41.jpg
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    The floor material used was the same as Chevy used which was like a linoleum.

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    Nice looking 55 870 Chieftain wagon Wagonman. Rear cargo area had a rubber mat. '56 870 Chieftain wagon had stainless rub strips on top of the rubber mat and around the wheel well cover. I suspect same was used on the '55.
    Larry Gorden, POCI 1956 Tech Adviser

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    I need the wood base under the carpet.

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