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    Default My New 1951 Chieftain Deluxe Eight 4-Door

    I just adopted a 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Deluxe Eight 4-Door Sedan in Saturn Gold. The car was purchased new on January 17, 1951 by Jerome and Emma Rigan of Chicagoís ďRiganís Department StoreĒ (closed 1989). It has just under 44,000 miles and as you can see by the plates, it was last registered in 1969. Included were the original PMD invoice and receipts & invoices from Bartell Motor Company (Cicero, IL).

    The car seems remarkably complete and unmolested so far, but there is unfortunately a fair amount of rust down low. Iím currently locked out of the trunk and hood; the keys I received from the estate (while the correct blanks) donít turn any of the lock (even after lubricating the cylinders). Since I received the original PMD invoice with key codes, Iím going to try to get those keys cut by a locksmith. The hood release cable is also stuck. I donít want to pull too much harder for fear of breaking it. Any suggestions on how to get the hood open with minimal damage?

    I feel honored to have had the opportunity to but this car and look forward to eventually bring her on a future ETC Flathead Reunion.



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    I got the hood open! With a long screw driver, reaching my arm through the grill, I was able to actuate the hood latch. It seems that the cable itself was seized as the latch had no difficulty moving. Much to my joy, I found a very complete engine bay. Luckily, someone had the sense to remove the batter long ago to prevent further problems. I see that the coolant hasn't been serviced since 1958, so I'll need to get on that right away.




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