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    Lightbulb 454 in 1976 GMC 3/4 ton camper special

    I have a 1976 GMC truck with the 454 and automatic transmission. The truck is a 3/4 ton camper special. I had a maintenance truck 6500 and it had the 366. I was always told it and the 454's were what they called a tall block. Is that so with the pickups also. If not,were the heads bad about cracking like the small blocks in that era. Also what transmission would be in it, 400? I'm not familiar with GM products. I have the 64 grand Prix and Fords. I'm thinking of putting it in a G body car and make a sleeper. I want to keep it standard height and all. I've seen where its been done with supposedly with not a lot of trouble. I won't get rid of the truck until I get the other project done in case I need mounts or doner skin for rust or what. Has anybody on here done this. I'm not going all out, Yet until I get the things figured out that may need tweaked. Any information or first han knowledge would be appreciated.

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    no such thing as a tall chevy BB. all BB had the same height, now different intakes added to the height, but blocks were the same. probably a turbo 400, but you can check. go online for photos of t400 to compare

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    Never heard of tall or short bocks either but that doesn't mean its not true.. I have a 427 in my 69 el Camino. It a low compression truck motor. It has so much power!! You will love having that motor in your car.. Frankly, this 427 runs just as good as all the hi performance Pontiacs I've owned.. Now I see why people switched to big block Chevys..

    I would check out Team Chevelle or HAMB..
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