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  1. Default HELP. 51 Clutch Linkage.... pictures anyone?

    My dumb fault. I pulled the motor (straight 8) and somehow missed getting some pictures as to how the clutch linkage is arranged as it connects to the pedal.

    The manual has a picture, but it is somewhat vague. If anyone has an early Poncho 49-54 at least (others might apply also... don't know) with a manual trans, I could sure use a tiny bit of help. Have an idea as to how the linkage hooks to the pedal, but just not 100% sure.

    Pictures would be great.

    I've searched, but no luck. I searched the ETC (Early Times Chapter) of POCI with no luck. It is just a simple setup, but not sure.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Attachment 3473

    This image may be an earlier version but it might help, good luck, Todd C

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