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    Default 1963 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible Transmission Leak

    Need some help. Noticed a very large puddle of transmission fluid under my car. It has the original engine, transmission and rear end. The puddle was rather large. The last time I drove it the transmission was fine. In looking under the car, it is leaking where the rear of the transmission meets the drive shaft. As I was looking at it, I could see the fluid dripping. Any advice/help would be appreciated. I assume it's tranny tail shaft seal, but I wanted to see what you guys think. What do you think it is? The puddle is large. Is this a fairly straightforward repair? Is it an expensive fix? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Not sure anyone is following this, not sure if anyone cares.

    Replaced the rear transmission tail shaft seal. Part was $11.99, and I had to get some ATF fluid. Replaced it a while ago, and I haven't had a drip since!

    If anyone wants any additional information, just let me know.

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    Glad to hear it, lucky you, my 1957 is leaking from the front so it has to come out, not looking forward to that, Todd C

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