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Thread: 64 Grandalina

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    Default 64 Grandalina

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    1964 Catalina that, some previous owner, has replaced grill and tail panel with those from a '64 Grand Prix. Knowledgeable Pontiac People are quick to notice the anomaly and politely inform me that there were no 1964 Grand Prix convertibles. The well intentioned compliment me on my "nice Goat. 65, right."

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    You might be amused to see your car's 1963 cousin which I have had since 1982. The car's history was sketchy but I confirmed it started as a low option Wilmington-built Catalina and the Grand Prix grille and tail panel were added probably in the 1970s, along with 8 lug wheels and other equipment. I still think the Grand Prix look on a convertible is dynamite and they should have built them in production, good luck with yours,
    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

    PS--I notice you call yours the Grandalina, mine was the Catalina GP

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