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    Default 1955 Star Chief Custom Catalina FINALLY up and running.

    I mistakenly put this in Parts Wanted, so here is a repost.

    After a 22 month mechanical restoration, I've been enjoying my ride since August. Firegold on Mist White, Copper and Ivory Leather Interior.

    35 or so options and accessories: dealer installed Pontiac "Cool Pack" air conditioning, Hydra-Matic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. The car has ALL the options/accessories listed in the Basic Group, Convenience Group, Appearance Group, Comfort Group, and Protection Group. The car was built in Kansas City after March 1955, as it has the Power-Pack four barrel Rochester carburetor.

    Engine was totally rebuilt as it had been abused and the cylinders were tapered. Engine was bored 30 over so it is now a '56 spec 318 cubic inches. Car had 92,000 miles on it entering the restoration. Now past 94,000, I'm averaging 13mpg. Transmission was also rebuilt, as was the air conditioning system, and generator.

    I've taken it to five shows and have won one "Best in Class" and one "Best in Show".

    Anyone know the cost of optioning the four barrel carburetor? I haven't been able to find anything on it.

    Plymouth, MA
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    Engine pictures


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    Interior pictures. Remaining issues: un-carpeting the trunk done by the previous owner and paint damage in several places.

    I'd also like a new "Strato-Streak" plate for the engine, if anyone knows of one available.

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    This Star Chief Custom Catalina replaces the one I had two years ago for 8 days. Yes, 8 days. After a three month reconditioning, I was on my way to my first cruise night, stopped for a left turn. It was Friday, May 23, 2014. I was rear-ended by a Grand Cherokee doing 35mph. Frame crushed in 14 inches, and I was knocked out. I have a face as I had seat belts installed in the car, and I was stopped making a left turn, so I ate my wrist and not the steering wheel. I woke up with the cop in the picture rolling my body to find the keys, as they had shot out of the dash board from the impact and were underneath me.

    I bought this one in June, 2015.

    I guess this should be in the member's rides section, but too much to move, oops. Put a little post there.

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    Very nice! I'm just getting started on a the same model in Turquoise & White Mist. Could you post some close-up pics of the antenna locations and the outside mirrors? I assume the antenna on the driver's side is a dummy - right? Is the traffic light viewer there for looks since there's not an outside visor? My first car was a 4 door sedan in Firegold and White Mist in 1966.

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    Yes, driver's antenna is a dummy. Radio has been restored to digital AM/FM. Mirror positions shown, but varied. My grandfather's '55 had them on the front fender. Traffic light viewer is for use. Even though the car has AC and no sunshade, you can't see the traffic light if it is on your side you and above the car. You can see it with the viewer.


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