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    Default Ames Performance Flow Kooler Water Pump Experience?

    I've been going through my entire cooling system. I purchased a new Murray water pump from O'Reilly Auto Parts. I'm not happy with it as the pump impeller vanes are shorter than what I took out and there is a good .250" gap to the backing plate.

    Looking for alternatives. Anyone have anything good to say about the Ames Performance Flow Kooler pump?

    66 Grand Prix

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    Default Answered my own question...

    Good reviews on the Summit Racing site. Also from the Flow Kooler site:

    Currently on backorder...

    Oh well, gives me more time to get into more trouble in other areas

    66 Grand Prix

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    Well, they must be good as they have that unobtainium look and feel. Been on back order since the 16th...back to more grinding sanding and painting I guess....

    66 Grand Prix

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    Coming up on a month, but I should have it in the next day or two.

    Like I said in my previous replies, I had more time to get into trouble in other areas. I've kind of dug into the battery tray area, which as you can imagine is totally destroyed along with the core support in that area.

    I'm clearly in the roll/fabricate your own area here unless someone knows about a secret source.

    OPGI offers the 65 Bonneville tray which costs about as much as the Flow Kooler water pump. It looks like it might be a good starting point but damn they want a lot of money for a piece of stamped metal.

    Any ideas appreciated,

    66 Grand Prix

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