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  1. Question 1948 Pontiac engine paint

    I'm in the process of doing some work on my car and I've run into a problem
    regarding the engine paint.
    Does anyone know of a source for the correct color?
    Hirsch has a paint for 1948, has anyone used it? Is it a good match?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, my car came without a jack.
    I've searched various websites to find out the correct location of the jack in the trunk
    I can't seem to find were the jack assembly was mounted in the trunk.
    I have a 1948 convertible.

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    I used the Hirsh paint for my car. It is very good paint. Who really knows what the exact shade of green was when new but I had a few places of the original green on my engine before I painted it and it was very close to the original color. I would recommend Hirsh Paint.
    I'll take some photos tonight and post them on this thread. By the way, I don't know how you are going about painting your engine but mine was out of the frame when I did it. I used a heavy duty degreaser MANY TIMES before I painted it. The paint can instructions say you don't need to apply any primer since the engine casting is so rough. I did not put any primer on the cast parts but anything that was smooth I primered. I did it seven years ago and it still looks good.

    As far as the jack goes, let me double check but I don't think there was any mounting place. I think it just lays loose. My car is not a convertible but I assume it would be the same. If anyone knows any different I too would love to know.

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