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    Default Tri Five Service items: Use Chevy?

    Wondering how "correct" Tri Five Chebby heater hoses would be for '55-'57+ Pontiacs. Wouldn't GM have likely used common hose with multiple divisions? This stuff is repoped for the Bowtie crowd and it would seem proper for the Pontiacs. The big Pontiac suppliers seem to be Ames & California Pontiac Restoration and they offer little.

    This brings me to flexible brake hoses. I refuse to use the plentiful Chinese replacement parts offered by everyone. I looked at the Chevy repops and they have some differences. Inline Tube is US made looks like a winner. There is a company called LNF that looks promising too. Both appear to offer yellow plating as opposed to white plating. I suspect the original hoses used brass hardware?
    Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

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    I see that Chevy hoses are not ribbed like the Pontiac, best to use 60's era heater hoses, they are closer.

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