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    Default Need advice on what will work to replace Roto hydromatic in my 63 Catalina

    Just bought a 1963 Catalina convertable two weeks ago. New it had tranny problems when i bought it. Dropped it of of at tranny shop on my way back in town. They called last Friday with a 2000.00 estimate to rebuild it. Going to up date in the future , but did not want to do it right know. If i convert to a manual need to find a lot of parts. Don't know how much tunnel work would have to be done to convert to a th350 or th400. A good used slim jim would really get me to were i need to be, Any one out there that has done this? Sure could use some help.

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    I had a friend here in MN in our local chapter that did a TH350 or 400 swap in a '63 Grand Prix a few years back. I emailed him to see if he could share any info with us, I'll keep you posted. Paul

    Also, you can contact our Auto Trans tech advisor:
    Richard Ennest [ ]
    4235 Fairview St Unit A
    Burlington ON L7L 2A4 CA
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    There is a '61 Roto-Hydro matic for sale in the Nov Smoke Signals, completely rebuilt driven only 25 miles $1500, contact:

    Randy Unthank
    Chatsworth, CA
    Home Phone: 818-709-0508
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    I don't know if you have taken care of the tranny problem yet this looks like an older thread, but I have rebuilt more slim jim's than I care to remember they are junk. So If I were you I would look for a four speed hydro which came with those models back in the day if you spent the cash and I think a flywheel change and maybe a driveshaft modification would be needed but it has been awhile since I did one maybe a yoke replacement not sure. Also a turbo 400 with similar changes I already mentioned would be real nice crossmember adjustments or whatever but no big deal and the 400 tranny will be easier to find. Hope this helps LEE!

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