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    Default Data Plate Decode?

    Attachment 3392Has anyone seen a data plate that has been punched? I acquired another 58 Bonneville made in Kansas that has an odd shaped 'punch', almost in the shape of the early Firebird logo, and then a code on the far right of 2-1. I vaguely remember reading someplace that sometimes special codes were used, especially for paint, but not a punched hole, or a number under ACC. The car seems pretty plain, with no ACC codes stamped. I'll try to post pic's later.
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    I have been inspecting 1957 data plates (same style) for years, would like to see your photo of the punched hole, seems like I have seen something like that before. Regarding the "2-1" code, numbers show up often in that space and we still have not established any patterns or what they represent,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    I added a picture of data plate.

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    I have seen punches like that occasionally and like the 2-1 stamping we do not yet know what it means. That tag was attached to the body shell after welding and before painting so maybe it denoted an inspector checking off on a quality check of welds or measurements or something like that.

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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