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    Default 1961 bonneville convertible

    Hi guys I am looking for either a used in good shape trunk floor or a lead to the best aftermarket trunk floors and floor pans available. I know there are several places that sell them but some are probably better than others, correct guage size 18 probably and with the least amount of refabrication, maybe someone out there has had some experience with that type of part. I am fine with fabrication myself and have all the required equipment to do it but the better the part the less work. I have a 1961 Bonneville convertible. Thanks for any help with this LEE!!!

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    Try Les Kasten, POCI member, see if he has any advice/ideas
    Phone: 651-280-9681
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Hi looks like I had a reply not sure how to follow it. I don't see an answer. LEE!

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    Give me a call at the club office 877-368-3454, I was just recommending that you contact POCI member Les Kasten to see if he has any advice. He does reproduction parts and has parts cars for the early 60s full size Pontiacs. Paul

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    Thanks spoke with Les yesterday the guy is a wealth of info. best car chat I have had in a long time. LEE!

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