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    Default Paint colors for 1958 suspension and rear axle

    Does anyone know the accepted colors for a 1958 Bonneville frame, suspension, differential, etc.?
    I have done the frame in semigloss black, but want to get the other stuff right before assembly. I have heard that the rear diff. was red oxide, or just cast grey? What about axle and hub assemblies? Front components like sway bar, springs etc.?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Hi Brian, take a look at these photos as a guide, this is a 1957 but the basics will apply. Note there may be some variances from different plants and suppliers but what you see here should be accepted by POCI or AACA as correct. Note the rear axle as you asked, the red oxide carrier was common for years at GM as was the use of a brown primer on the floors by Fisher Body. Springs could have been either black or unpainted, we are not 100% and I went with a natural steel paint. The A frames, stabilizer bar, front spindles and backing plates and other front end components I used Eastwood chassis black which I think is still available. On the 1957 the steering box was unpainted. Good luck with yours,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

    Attachment 3389 Attachment 3390

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    Thanks Todd,
    A picture is worth a thousand words!! This should keep me busy for the next couple of weekends!!

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    Happy to help, enjoy!

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