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    Default Hood Ornament 1930 Standard Coupe

    I am new member just bought a 1930 Standard Coupe and boy am I getting an education (pain) on wood bodied cars. My question is on hood ornaments. Lots of misrepresented stuff out on eBay as I have learned the hard way.

    Here is the question. I purchased a hood ornament that according to the "Motoring Mascots of the World" reference book is correct, and it does fit the radiator and grille shell opening (unlike the previous two I bought before buying the book). The detail is perfect, the piece excellent, no complaints. But the face is copper plated. I noted in the book that several models come with copper plated faces but it looks like in the book 30-31 might be just chrome -- not enough detail to be sure. I also got great picture from another POCI owner of 1930 car and it looks like his is chrome -- I have asked him to confirm but have not yet heard back. Does anyone know when copper face is correct and for what models/years?

    I will post pictures of mine if anyone interested and I can figure out how


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    I am going to mail you a photocopied page from Walt Harris's book "Pontiac Hood Ornaments and Mascots", hopefully that will help.

    Also contact the Early Times Chapter, Arnold Landviogt email

    Paul B.
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Thank you Paul. Will that be an email attachment or a hard copy in snail mail? I will try to find that book on Amazon

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    Did you get the info I mailed to you?
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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