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    Lightbulb Pontiac Dealer Advertising License Plates

    Pontiac Dealer Advertising Plastic License Plates, came from a ad agency that handled Pontiac dealers, They were used to put where a license plate went. These are New and were left over.

    They would be good to use them on your car to take pictures without showing your license plate or just hang up . Could also be used as front tag.

    There are two color versions available: black with white letters and red with white letters. Most are "PONTIAC", Some have "BONNEVILLE", some have "GRAND AM" on them. I only have a few of the Bonneville and Grand Am plates. Most are red/white Pontiac.
    There are no more black/white PONTIAC plates, only red/white PONTIAC available. Bonneville and GA are available.

    $5. each plus shipping. (minimum of 2 plates)

    Get them before they are gone.
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