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    Default Fuel Vapor Issue -- '64 Bonneville


    I have a '64 Bonneville Coupe that has a horrible gas vapor issue! The fuel system has been replaced from the carb back to the tank. The car drives great, bur when I pull it into my garage within about ten minutes the vapors are overwhelming! I have checked in, under and around the car and no fuel is dripping. It smells like raw fresh gas -- no exhaust smell -- I have taken it to several classic car shops, spent a bunch of $$ and everyone just ends up scratching their heads --if it's in a big open shop with high ceilings you really don't smell it but in my little 3 car garage that has sheetrock, etc it's overwhelming within a few minutes! does anybody have a clue what this could be?
    My name is Scott Tree and my cell phone number is 707-953-2428 if you could please help me out with this

    Thank You

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    I am not sure but I think our gas caps are vented & I think that is why we smell it. I have a 63 Bonne and i smell gas a lot, not that much in my garage. but i have the doors open all the daytime

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    Like the previous member stated these old cars had vented fuel systems so some smell is to be expected. I know it is subjective but how strong are the fumes? What temperature is the garage? How full is the tank? Is the smell coming from the fuel filler, carb or some place else?

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