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Thread: Trans fluid

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    Unhappy Trans fluid

    Hello, How do I cure a Turbo 400 trans from pumping out trans fluid from the filler tube. Thank You. Ted.

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    There are dipsticks that have a seal on them, and lock to the inside of the tube. But....

    If your fluid level is proper, and the transmission is not overheating, this really should not be happening, unless this is a known "thing" for the THM400 to do. It's not an issue I've ever experienced with a THM transmission EXCEPT when towing on long grades with my Chevy van. The transmission gets hot, the fluid expands, and it would burp some out of the vent (because the stick was sealed as described above). But in "normal" use...never.
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    Thanks for the reply will look for the dipstick. Ted

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    Dave thanks for the reply: proper level, not overheating, never anything out of the vent.

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