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Thread: My 67 GTO

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    Default My 67 GTO

    I just joined POCI last week and decided to post a few pictures of my 67 GTO. I purchased the car on Memorial Day - 2015 after a long search. I had a 66 GTO just after high school and then a 69 Judge. After many years, getting my girls through college, and saving a little money, it was finally time.
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    She's a beauty Rick. Congratulations!
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    Thanks Dave! Looks like you're kind of partial to red too!

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    Sure am Rick. Right down to the Bright Red PW7 (lace) wheels.

    Tell us some more about your GTO.
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    Sure Dave, I bought the car from a gentleman in Oklahoma City, I don't know all the details, but I know he didn't want to sell it. I suspect he may have been having serious health conditions. I got a notebook with the car with the restoration history and some placards from previous national and regional Pontiac events. The owner's manual has been signed by Jim Wangers so that's kind of special. I'm the third owner since 1987, but have no history prior to that. It has a 67 XJ code Grand Prix engine with the original TH 400 transmission and rear axle. It came from the factory with gold paint and a black vinyl top. They did a great job with the color change, but I would have preferred to have a car the original cover, though not a fan of vinyl tops. After purchasing the car, I have done a few tweaks; refurbished the trunk with new spatter paint and mat, replaced the trim rings, replaced the carpet which was the only thing not original to the interior, replaced all of the steering linkage components, replaced the radiator shroud with one correct for the car. My next projects are to restore the steering wheel (repair some cracks) and replace the dash pad.

    Got any good stories about your cars?

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    Nice! I can appreciate your desire for original colors, but that red looks great, particularly if the change was well done as you indicate. Sounds like you've made quite a few improvements along the way.

    My car is pretty much all original The alternator and battery have been changed, but are AC Delco pieces installed by the dealer who did all the service work for the original owner. The tires have been replaced. But the rest is still original, about 52k miles now. I'm the second owner, and had the good fortune of being able to track down the now-elderly original owner. He was very gracious in telling me the cars history. He's a retired GM engineer, ordered the car new, purchased through Rinke Pontiac GMC in Warren, MI, just up the street from the GM Tech Center. He went with a lot of options: Trans Am package, Tilt/cruise and A/C, Power windows, mirrors, locks and antenna, Performance Sound System, WS6 suspension, red PW7 lace wheels (red is unusual) with 245/50/VR16 "Gatorbacks", wheel locks, 6 way manual driver seat, t-tops with sun shades, cargo cover, rear defogger, leather wrapped wheel and shift knob (cloth seats), interior lamp group. But after all of that, he went with the base V8 powertrain, instead of either of the 2 upgrades available. So it's a great handling, comfortable cruiser. But very much NOT fast. I've had 2 of these powertrains before, so I knew just what I was getting, and am not disappointed. Actually, my first new car was a '91 Camaro RS with the same engine.

    I bought it to have a finished, drive-able car that I could take the wife and kids out in, and it's just that.

    For older cars, I have three Mopars...a '70 Duster that was my first car, a '72 Dodge Charger Rallye, and a '77 Chrysler Cordoba that's been in the family since new. But those are all projects that will have to wait until I'm older, and the kids are out of college.
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    That's a good story about the history of your car. I had a 66 GTO right after high school and then a 69 Judge. For years I wanted to get a GTO project car and restore it myself, but it just wasn't meant to be. As I got older I decided I wanted something ready to drive, like you did, and just tweak it as I have been doing. It's amazing how much difference it makes to know the previou owner and as much history of your car as possible. Sounds like you made a great decision and knew exactly what you wanted to do with the car. I can't imagine having a trophy car that I couldn't drive as often as I want to. Good luck with the future Mopar projects as it sounds like you have quite a backlog of things to do as soon as the kids are out of college. My "toy car" had to wait for the same reasons, but they are good reasons!
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