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Thread: Recall 15757

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    Default Recall 15757

    Today I received a notification that my 2000 Grand Prix GT is included in this recall as well as many other GM vehicles with the 3.8L V6. That's fine and, obviously, I don't want my car bursting into flames! What I am having a problem with is the notice states that a new front valve cover will be installed and the engine top cover/oil filler tube assemblies will be permanently removed! Firstly I want to keep my Grand Prix original. Secondly, in my opinion, without the cover the engine compartment will be far less attractive! According to the notice I received "the parts are not yet available".
    Is there some way we can convince GM to make a redesigned valve cover that will accommodate the top cover and oil filler tube to make our cars stay original and maintain the appearance of the engine compartment? I'd like to hear from others on this.
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    You won't convince them to do anything differently. That "fix", whatever it is, has to approved by the Govt. as I understand it. And they are not known for their concern over car enthusiast concerns.

    I'm not familiar with this particular recall. But are they simply seeing engine fires from oil spilled during oil fill? If so, I wouldn't have it done, and just be careful.
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    my understanding is the oil leakage happens while the motor is running, leakage is due to failure of the bottom flange of the value cover to properly seal against the cylinder head, which then drips onto the hot exhaust manifold and ignites.

    when the parts are available and it's time for you to take it in for the recall work, I would remove the top cover before taking it in, then see if you can figure out a way to refit it after you get the car back. I don't know for sure, but I think you can also remove and save the oil filler tube and just twist the oil fill cap right onto the valve cover. Maybe you can refit the oil filler tube to the new valve cover as well.
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    Thanks for the input Guys. Very helpful! A guy at work will be taking his '02 Impala in for this recall on Thursday (3/3) so when he gets the car back I'll be able to see the new valve cover. I'm hoping the oil filler hole is in the same position as is on the original valve cover. Then I'll be able to still use the top cover and possibly the original oil filler tube and cap. I'm wondering if GM decided to have the top cover removed to help dissipate heat and remove a possible ignition source? I do believe that having oil spilled on the hot exhaust manifold is a real fire hazard to these cars. The guy with the Impala told me, about a year or so ago, that he was adding a quart of oil to his car with his Grandson watching. His Grandson accidentally bumped his arm causing him to spill some oil on the exhaust manifold and it did catch fire! The engine had been off for about 5 minutes when it happened. He put the fire out before any injury or damage was done, thank God, but it definitely was an eye opener! So he's having the recall done right away. I'm curious about the new valve cover design. When I get to see his I'll be able to report back on this.

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    I was able to look at my coworker's Impala today. After having the recall done it appears that the top cover can go back on. The new valve cover looks almost identical to the original one except that it's black in color and has a slightly larger oil filler hole. I should be able to enlarge the hole on the top cover of my Grand Prix where it fits on the lip of the oil filler hole. There is a lip on the new valve cover. The original oil filler cap, most likely, will not fit the new valve cover since the hole is slightly larger. I guess that's to give us a bigger "target" for adding oil so spills are less likely. Thanks again for the input guys. Looks like this is not as bad as I'd thought!

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