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Thread: Ron

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    Default Ron

    Have a '57 Starchief, put in new springs and shocks both front and rear and still have a 5/8 inch sag on the drivers side. Anybody out there have any thoughts on this? Thanks

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    I would suggest a reputable frame shop in your area to do some measuring and possible straightening of your frame.
    Today they use lasers and a frame table for getting things exact.
    I would also check with other 1957 owners to see what measurements they get to compare to what you have.
    The other place I would check is at all bushing points to examine for wear and or rusted out body mounting points.
    The only thing after that is diet or getting a heavy girlfriend to ride shotgun.
    Best of luck in solving your problem.

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    There's more weight on the drivers side...

    Also check the body bushings..

    A frame shop is always a good idea.....

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    thanks for the inputs. I am thinging the frame shop will be the next stem the body mounts all look good.

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