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    Default 49 fastback model I D

    Hi I'm new to all this.. my name is kev I live in England and I own a 49 silver streak fastback 2 door.. six cylinder. . Question is how do I find out what model number it is etc. Or if it's a deluxe model. Need to know the difference.. any help. Thank u .

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    The model you have is a Streamliner. There should be a metal tag on the passenger side firewalll. On it will be the model number for your car. It should be either 2507 or 2507D. The "D" indicates the Deluxe model.


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    The deluxe model has chrome trim on the sides, chrome headlight doors, and chrome trim around the windshield and rear light. It also has a chrome stone gaurd on the quartepanel instead of rubber. The interior farbic on the seats is different, and there are 2 sunvisors and arm rests on all r positions.The 2 door one is actually known as a sedan coupe, 2507 and 2507 D, but there is also a 4 door one 2508 and 2508 D. Actually, the chrome is stainless steel.

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